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Q: I want to sign a lease, what do I do next?

A: Below are the steps involved to secure the property:


       1. Each tenant will need to submit an online application via the link on the main page of this website


       2. Each tenant will need to contact their guarantor and confirm that the guarantor is willing to sign paperwork to be a guarantor of the lease. Explain to the guarantor that they will be guaranteeing the whole lease and not just a portion


       3. Each tenant will need to obtain the name and email address of their guarantor


       4. ALL of the tenants will need to find a time that they can ALL meet at the Maroon and White Management office and schedule with management. At this meeting the tenants will pay the application fees, all deposits, submit the guarantor information and sign paperwork that will hold the unit for 24 hours while the tenants review and sign the lease and the guarantors submit the guarantor form online electronically


Q: When does the lease start?

A: All properties are available for a lease starting in the first 2 weeks of August, unless noted in the description of the property


Q: How long is the lease?

A: All properties are for a 1 year lease, unless noted in the description of the property


Q: Can I get a discount if I sign a 2+ year lease?

A: No, but that allows you to lock in your rent for a longer period and avoid a potential rent increase after the 1st year


Q: Do you do individual leases or is it just one lease?

A: All of our leases are one lease for the whole unit and rent is paid with 1 check


Q: How do I pay rent?

A: Rent is paid with 1 check, money order or cashier’s check. We do not accept separate checks or credit cards and we do not have an online payment option at this time


Q: How much is the application fee?

A: $40 per person


Q. Is there an additional fee for a guarantor

A: There is no additional charge for the guarantor. However, if your guarantor does not qualify, there will be a $20 fee for a 2nd guarantor


Q. What are the rental qualifications? Do I need to have a guarantor?

A: We base our qualifications strictly on credit history. However, you must be employed or have an employed guarantor. We do not use income or rental history as a qualification. We require above average credit history which we define as at least 3 lines of active credit dating back 5 years (student loans excluded), nothing in collections and no negative credit in the last 3 years. We do not take applicants with a repossession or bankruptcy in the last 5 years, even with a guarantor. We do not have a credit score minimum. 


Q. What does my guarantor need to do?

A: Your guarantor will need to meet the same credit rental qualifications above. Guarantor Forms will be emailed to guarantors AFTER applications have been processed and deposit has been paid. Guarantors will have 24 hours to return completed online document to our office. This is all done electronically, with nothing to print or scan on their part


Q: Is my guarantor only guaranteeing my part of the lease?

A: Since it is one lease, legally, each guarantor is guaranteeing the whole lease. However we require that each tenant provide a guarantor


Q: What form of payment do you accept for the APPLICATION fee?

A: Venmo to @rentmaroon or cash or money order made payable to Maroon and White Management; NO personal checks


Q: What is the deposit on a house?

A: Deposit for a house is equal to the monthly rent


Q: Do I make my DEPOSIT check payable to Maroon and White Management?

A: No, deposit checks are made payable to the OWNER of your unit/house. Management will instruct you further when you are ready to submit a deposit. Deposits can be personal check, money order or cashier’s check


Q: What is the pet policy for a house/townhouse?

A: There is a 2 animal limit but only 1 dog with either a 25 or 50 lbs maximum full grown weight depending on the house. Aggressive breeds are not allowed. Animals under 1 year old are not allowed. These are general pet guidelines and do not cover all instances or animal types and may be changed at any time by management. Written permission by management as well as a pet addendum signed by all parties is required before an animal is brought into a unit


Q: Is the pet policy the same for an apartment/condo/duplex/fourplex?

A: Yes, BUT there is a 1 animal limit with 25 lbs maximum full grown weight.


Q: Are there any exceptions?

A: Academic Village does not allow dogs. Please inquire on a specific property. These are general pet guidelines and do not cover all instances


Q: What is the pet deposit and/or pet rent?

A: $250 refundable deposit per animal with some exceptions. Pet rent is $25/month per cat and $50/month per dog. Pet deposit and pet rent are subject to change

Q: Can I get a pet at a later date?

A: Yes, but you CANNOT add a dog or cat to the lease after you have moved in. Other pets are possible after start of lease with management’s written approval and pet addendum signed by all tenant’s.


Q: Who takes care of the lawn?

A: It is the tenant’s responsibility for houses and duplexes and the management for everything else. There may be some exceptions


Q: Who takes care of pest control?

A: It is the tenant’s responsibility for houses and duplexes and the management for everything else. There may be some exceptions


Q: Are any utilities covered?

A: For all houses/townhomes/duplexes the tenant’s are responsible for all the utilities directly with the service provider. Apartments/condos/fourplexes are unique to the property and should be reflected in the specific ad description for that property. There may be some exceptions




Price $1600
Property type
Square Footage

Very Large 2200+ sq ft home with 4 very large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with large fenced backyard, big open kitchen, rock fireplace in great room with newer roof, furnace and AC. Full Size W/D included. One pet up to […]

Price $600
Property type
Square Footage

Pre-Leasing for January. Remodeled complex with updates both inside and outside. New roof, Hardi siding, front doors, HVAC units, sidewalks and energy efficient windows. Inside units have new faux hardwood floors, appliances, updated bathrooms, paint and light and plumbing fixtures. […]